Always connected

These days we can be more flexible in our work due the availability of network connections almost anywhere. Let’s not forget, “Work is what we do, not where we do it”. As a result we have become more dependent upon these connections to be able to work. This means new requirements for our infrastructure.

Any time, any place working places new requirements on the infrastructure. 7×24 availability like we expect for websites must now become the norm for internal systems. Not only must systems be available but as change becomes more rapid the information must also be up to date to offer the support we need.

New measures are required to offer this level of availability. We cannot guarantee that a component will never fail, but we can design systems which are resilient to these failures. Another example is the backup procedures. This used to be a task performed in the evenings when systems when services were closed down. In the 7×24 economy backups must be made while systems are still operational.

Exapent solutions
Exapent designs infrastructures which fulfil these requirements with solutions for the workplace, servers, storage and network including their management. A professional implementation project supported by a wide variety of services for maintenance, support and management. These solutions are built around the best of breed hardware and software products from the market leading suppliers.