Working without the Internet would be unthinkable. But at the same time, using the Internet is not without risk and it increases the requirements for network security, authentication and authorisation.


We use the internet as an encyclopaedia, a show case, a market place and as an extension of our company infrastructure. We connect different company sites over internet and use it to support home and mobile working.

Authentication and Authorisation
This raises the requirements for network security in general, and authentication and authorisation in particular. Unauthorised visitors may not access our systems so we must identify each visitor and determine what their rights are. Moreover, we want to be certain that any information we receive is safe and not infected with “malware”. We need to be certain that any information exchanges are secure, that they cannot be manipulated and that no-one is eavesdropping.

The Solution
Is some cases the traditional firewall will suffice but there are more and more cases where that is no longer the case. Awareness of the status of your protection is important. Exapent is experienced in the area of network security with many successful implementations of solutions from the market leading suppliers. This experience allows to us to work with you to analyze the current situation and offer advice on changes we feel are necessary in the following areas:

  • Firewall, DMW and proxy servers;
  • Deep inspection firewalls: a firewall that looks not only at the exterior of network packets but also at the contents and correctness of the data;
  • Content security: Virus scanning, URL filtering, spyware detection, etc.;
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): IPSec or SSL;
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP): IDP detects and flags unauthorised attempts to access the network;
  • Vulnerability management & mitigation

Project Approach
The Exapent approach is project based. We start with an analysis of the current situation and provide advice on what needs to be changed presented in the shape of a design. Following approval of the design the changes are implemented as a project. On completion of the project, Exapent can offer an extensive set of maintenance, support and managements services to guarantee continuity.

Vulnerability management & mitigation
In order to check whether your infrastructure and systems are safe, Exapent provides a set of services such as ethical hacking and penetration testing. But before we start “breaking in”, we suggest you let us check the reliability of your system design, how it is implemented and controlled. By performing a vulnerability scan first, we uncover any security issues which may exist within your systems in a quick but thorough way. This is how Exapent mitigates the security risks that we all run in an on-line world.