There are many standard packages, but every organisation is unique

How a company differentiates itself from the competition is key to its success. The way in which the ICT systems are implemented must support this unique character.

A unique way of working
Unique business processes are the way in which an organisation differentiates itself and therefore can be successful. Of course, much of the work can be supported by standard solutions and this is the most cost effective approach. However, there are specific elements of these processes where something more is required: the integration of the right solutions with fitting support. Exapent offers various form of support, dependent upon the specific situation in which the customer finds  themself.

Exapent provides: 

  • Automated interfaces between ERP and CRM systems;
  • Integration of telephony with CRM;
  • Sharepoint implementation for improved collaboration;
  • Tailored (Web) applications.

No two Exapent projects are the same, but they all share a common goal: to assist organisations in working more effectively.