Availability of your IT: can it be guaranteed?

Every organisation uses IT. And it should always work. Users need to be able to do their jobs; computers should not crash; data has to be accessible at all times and applications should run error free. But how do you guarantee the availability of your IT? And at what price?

This won’t happen to us!
Fire, power failure, a computer virus. Nowadays, most companies are quite prepared for disaster, because they realize how crucial their IT environment is. However, most incidents are caused by minor issues. These are often caused by the implementation of a change, which may easily cause a complete network or system outage. In such cases, good preparation is half the battle, this ensures that the “damage” is limited and work can continue.

Don’t become the victim
Before you take measures to ensure the availability of your IT, it is wise to determine what the required/desired availability of your specific IT environment actually is. Together with you, Exapent performs a risk analysis taking a closer look at the factors that determine the availability of your IT, such as the design of the IT environment, implementation methods used, the system management, the in-house expertise and the maintenance contracts. Exapent can then advise you about possible measures to be taken and investments required to mitigate the risks.

Customised support
Exapent offers maintenance in all shapes and sizes, to ensure your IT environment is up and running again quickly and safeguard the integrity of your company’s key asset: information. To solve your hardware and software problems quickly. To have specialised expertise at hand when you need it. And that your IT environment is secure.

The extensive knowledge and experience, our flexible approach and ‘can-do’ mentality allows Exapent to be ready for you 24/7. To realise solutions for both optimum short-term results as well as for stable long-term solutions.