Outsourcing: enjoy the benefits without the problems

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is to be found everywhere in our current day society. The functioning of organisations has become heavily dependent upon it: the stability and functionality of the infrastructure largely determines your company’s success and continuity. But should you do it all yourself? Or would outsourcing be better?

Developments in the field of business management, applications and technology require a lot of your infrastructure and system managers. Therefore it is important to ask yourself: Should I do it myself or do I outsource?

Outsourcing of your ICT
Due to this complexity, the need for various external support emerges, in various forms, ranging up to full outsourcing. Obviously, this may offer many benefits: providing peace of mind, if done properly, but it can also give you headaches.

Wait a minute! 
The market is full of providers who are eager to take over all kinds of ICT tasks. This often sounds very tempting, but there are also plenty examples of outsourcing not meeting the original expectations. And you just cannot afford that.

Exapent delivers added value, allowing you to benefit from outsourcing: enjoy the benefits without the problems. And without losing control.

Advice, research and guidance
First Exapent enters into a dialogue with you. Here we determine if outsourcing is truly wise, and if so, in what shape or form. Exapent performs a healthcheck to take a closer look at your environment and then guides you to a solution that meets your expectations and fits your specific situation.

You may have already started with some outsourcing initiative, but maybe don’t have that warm feeling that you are achieving the desired results. Exapent can help you further, with a second opinion or by acting as a mediator to get your project back on track.

Sparring partner
Whatever you desire, the specialist and consultants of Exapent are happy to help you as a sparring partner and trusted advisor, whether you are interested in full outsourcing or partial outtasking IT responsibilities.