Command and Control (C2) Solutions

Before we dive into Command & Control solution, it is necessary to understand what Critical communication systems are.

Critical communications encompass mobile, radio and digital telecommunication systems and devices that must consistently offer reliable and secure communication. These communications are often referred to as crucial for businesses or missions, as they are indispensable for the smooth functioning of an organization. A breakdown or interruption in communication can have severe consequences, potentially halting organizational operations. And this is where having a robust, reliable, secure, and scalable command and control (C2) solution can help you ensure your critical communication systems always remain functional.

Command and Control (C2) solutions find application in diverse environments, such as urban areas, structures, or protected chambers, serving as centralized hubs for law enforcement, military/armed forces, industrial/manufacturing facilities, transport hubs (like ship ports, airports, railways etc), live events like football, music concerts etc. These systems operate as secure command centers, surveillance monitoring stations, coordination hubs, and alarm monitoring facilities, providing a comprehensive integrated solution.

Exapent can provide the Command and Control (C2) solutions that operate based on data, integrating features such as streamlined workflow automation, seamless IoT integrations, advanced geofencing capabilities, and additional functionalities such as API access for further customised development.

In a nutshell, Exapent’s C2 solution can support and integrate all types of communication systems like VoIP, Radio, mobile, laptops/PCs and even BYOD (bring your own device).

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Empowers Your Team To Achieve Your Mission

  • Improves situational awareness and worker safety
  • Optimizes dispatch and centralized communications
  • Drives efficiencies, output, and business results
  • Protects existing infrastructure investments