Managed Services

Exapent Managed Services mean that you no longer need to concern yourself with the technical aspects of your ICT infrastructure. A fixed fee and a clear agreement of responsibilities are all that are required.

Enjoy the benefits without the problems
You know that ICT is a necessity in today’s world, but perhaps you don’t wish to be involved with its technical issues. All that is important to you is to be able to make use of the facilities ICT offers. In other words, ‘Enjoy the benefits without the problems’. Exapent’s Managed Services approach is your way forward. You receive a specific service for a predictable monthly fee based on a set of clear, predefined agreements.

With Exapent’s Managed Services your organisation can simply benefit from the service provided, in the knowledge that the underlying ICT is in safe hands.

Enjoy the benefits
The service you receive is based on a set of predefined agreements around availability and response times. Billing is based on the usage and/or a fixed monthly fee.

Without the problems
Exapent ensures that the systems continue to function and takes care of maintenance, support and management. Meanwhile you concentrate on the important matters, at home and at work.

Examples of Exapent Managed Services are: Telephony, Internet security, Secure Tele-working via internet (with or without authentication services).