Wide Area Network

Success for organisations spread over different sites is heavily dependent upon efficient communication between colleagues. Access to central databases and applications are essential for the daily tasks.

Exapent helps you select the correct mixture of technologies and services for optimum communication over a Wide Area Network. During the selection of the correct architecture we pay attention to your requirements for functionality, availability, performance and security.

Networks between sites
Exapent and its partners offer Wide Ares Network and VPN solutions for connecting different sites in a single company network. Exapent adds creativity and flexibility to standard solutions. A major benefit is that each site can be connected in the most suitable manner – Microwave, fibre (Ethernet), DSL or MPLS networks.

The WAN and VPN solutions offer the option of making more bandwidth available for central locations while still allowing simpler connections for smaller, remote locations. A complex tangle of separate leased lines is a thing of the past. Exapent’s network solutions offer quality services and are highly secure. The protocols used are the same as those proven in the Internet but applied to private domains which are fully protected and secure.

The correct choice
The choice for the correct type of connection for a site depends upon the type and volume of traffic which flows in and out. This includes applications such as telephony and both domestic and international traffic. Exapent will help you with this analysis, advise you on the best type of connection and give guidance during the implementation.