Project Services

Exapent solutions are often built on the products of a number of different suppliers. These hardware and software products are selected and combined innovatively to provide the ideal solution. Ensuring that the solution satisfies all the requirements as defined requires not only the knowledge and experience of the Exapent consultants, but also cooperation between Exapent, customer and the suppliers.

What is expected?
In a project it is essential that all parties understand what is expected of them and when. For the customer it is important that they see their requirements correctly stated and that they can see what, when and at what cost they will be satisfied. On the other hand, suppliers must be clear about the role of their products.

Exapent attaches great importance to a structure for the cooperation. This structure offers a reference point against which the progress of the project can be measured. It is then immediately clear when things start to run a different course or at a different speed than was first agreed. The necessary action can then be taken to solve any problems. In this way Exapent offers clarity and transparency for all concerned.