Revolutionizing ICT Infrastructures and Services with Unmatched Quality and Performance. 

With our deep-rooted expertise and extensive experience, we at Exapent are committed to delivering high-quality ICT infrastructures tailored to your needs. Our unique approach, characterized by personal involvement and a deep understanding of your operations, ensures that your infrastructure performs optimally, driving efficiency and success in your business operations.

Exapent designs, builds, implements and manages ICT infrastructures. An efficient business operation requires a supporting infrastructure upon which it can depend. The correct functioning of that infrastructure depends, in turn, upon the correct support services. Is there always someone available in the unlikely event of a failure? Will you receive the professional help you need to quickly continue with your work?

You can count on Exapent’s expertise, experience and involvement.

Unique Selling Points

Why do customers choose Exapent:

  • Exapent has a high level of expertise and is highly experienced in the building and migration of manageable ICT infrastructures;
  • Exapent makes technology understandable and accessible, the latter literally: our specialists are always available for customers;
  • Exapent is supported by market leading suppliers such as VMware, HP, Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix;
  • Exapent always looks for solutions offering customers the best price/performance ratio. The result: an excellent solution at an attractive price;
  • Exapent provides total solutions: We design, deliver and implement these solutions. Following implementation we help customer operations with an extensive portfolio of services for maintenance, support and management.

Exapent are proud to have partnered up with INISI, who are a leading ICT services provider based in Europe and having experience of working on ICT projects across the globe.