One network for all

The company network is becoming more and more important. In the past we had a number of separate networks for different functions e.g. telephony, storage, process control and linking PC’s with the central servers. Today almost all of these functions can be supported by a single integral IP network, albeit one which must be designed to cater for all these applications.

Exapent designs, builds and maintains local area networks based on cabled infrastructures or wirelss techniques. In order to design an optimal network infrastructure we can perform a site survey for you.

Improved integration
The use of this single network makes integration between these diverse applications simpler. The wide use of industry standard components reduces costs and management is consistent and simpler.

There are thus many benefits from connecting everything over a single physical infrastructure, but there are also new risks. Consider a road system without the highway code – anyone can travel where they like, in whatever vehicle they like and at the speed they like. A chaos of pedestrians, cyclists, mopeds, motorbikes, cars, trucks and trams!

Organizing your network

This could happen to your network if we are not careful. Exapent will help you prevent this chaos designing a network using components from market leading manufacturers such as Cisco Systems and HP. Systems which are connected to the network should be able to find each other quickly and unhindered by other totally unrelated traffic. Moreover, the network should be secure and reliable; information accessible but only where and to whom is defined with important components duplicated to provide continuity even in the case of a failure.

Build and Operate

Exapent and your staff work together to implement the network according to the agreed designs and plans. Following this phase Exapent can also perform the daily management of the network. In this case your network will be monitored and managed from the Exapent Network Operating Centre. Failures are automatically registered and alarms are raised so that Exapent operations staff can analyze and resolve the problem. Change request may also be submitted to the team; many can be implemented quickly and remotely but for others an appointment for a site visit will be agreed. In this way we guarantee that the network continues to operate stably.