Knowledge and service you can trust

An efficient business operation requires a supporting infrastructure on which it can depend. The correct functioning of that infrastructure depends, in turn, upon the correct support services. Is there always someone available in the unlikely event of a failure? Will you receive the professional help you need to quickly continue with your work? You can count on Exapent’s expertise, experience and involvement. 

Our Vision

In the realm of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), infrastructures have evolved into strategic assets. Users of these networks demand secure access to applications, enabling them to retrieve necessary information, irrespective of their location. While internet connectivity broadens possibilities, it also introduces additional risks.

This landscape necessitates a significant responsibility for those who design, build, or maintain ICT systems. At Exapent, we don’t just acknowledge this responsibility – we embrace it. We strive to be leaders in a world where the thirst for information and the technologies to deliver it are in a state of constant flux. We are committed to navigating these rapid changes and contributing positively to the ICT community.

Our Mission

At Exapent, our mission is to make information both accessible and secure through the deployment of top-tier ICT infrastructures. We view the accessibility of information, coupled with its secure processing and storage, as a fundamental requirement for the proper facilitation of business processes.

We place immense value on forging close relationships with our customers, suppliers, and other partners. The trust that stems from these relationships paves the way for productive collaborations. Partners who are confident and trusting tend to be more open and share more information, enabling us to serve our customers more effectively. At Exapent, we invest in people – our team members are deeply involved and motivated to help our customers work more efficiently.

What do we do?

Your Requirements
Exapent’s role is to provide answers to the key questions which you, as customer, pose. Together we will define the requirements to which solutions must adhere. What are your requirements for the infrastructure? How should systems be protected and secured? Which bottlenecks must be relieved? What are your plans for the future?

The correct portfolio
To create ICT infrastructures that satisfy all of our customer’s requirements, Exapent has selected a portfolio of products and services from market leading vendors and including new, but proven, technologies. Most important in the selection process are the needs of our customers rather than just technical aspects.

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge about infrastructures. We are well aware that each situation is unique and therefore we have no standard solutions but use a tailoring approach in which we continue to ask questions until we are certain that the correct solution has been identified. Exapent will not advise you to start a project until we are certain of its added value.

We identify the issues and the results we will achieve together and then propose a solution with the correct technical ingredients, specifically matched to your situation. We provide a realistic picture of what is technically viable, well before significant investments need to be made.

Core values

Consideration for the values and standards of Somalia and South Sudan.

Consistent with the rules, logic, ethics and standards of Somalia and South Sudan.

Social Awareness:
Contributing to the social development of Somalia and South Sudan through engagement with social projects.

Respecting each individual and contributing equally to the success of each effort.

Open and honest approach with all stakeholders involved.

Personal Development:
Providing jobs and education to different kinds of target groups.

exapent core values