Virtual solutions for real problems: everything in the cloud?

If we were to believe the hype we would conclude that “the cloud” is the solution to all ICT problems. This is ridiculous, of course, but there are many areas in which virtualisation offers real and significant benefits. The key is to understand where (and where not) to apply which virtualisation techniques.

Abstraction layer
Virtualisation is the insertion of an abstraction layer between the physical components and the services which they support. Processor, memory, storage and network can all be virtualised. This allows more flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in their use. From here we can then design new and better solutions to the real problems in the more

Exapent helps you realize your objectives
A typical solution that Exapent provides, consists of a mixture of the different forms of virtualization. In these situations it is important to work with a partner who not only has the necessary knowledge and experience but also one who keeps your company objectives in mind.